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DEI Consulting & Workforce Diversity Training

As the world shifts, things are becoming more diverse and inclusive. Brands and companies that fail to recognize, adhere, and adjust to the shift, risk failing behind and becoming irrelevant.

Diversity and inclusion are more than adding minority and LGBQ people to a staff or team. Diversity & inclusion must be significant, specific, and strategic to have an impact for the company, brand, and community. Diversity applies to gender, abilities, religion, culture, age, sexuality, and more. Diversity is beneficial but equity and inclusion must be included.

  • I take an objective look at the company and organization
  • Perform an extensive intake
  • Analyze current efforts
  • Suggest new strategies
  • Implement
  • Evaluate & access

I work to have my DEI consulting translated to real change in the workplace

I incorporate diversity and inclusion in a significant, strategic, and impactful way.

Community Engagement

Are you ready for your company or brand to build a community engagement program and make a presence in the minority community in a way that supports and amplifies your brand?

If so, my team and I will develop community engagement programs and outreach initiaves that will build strategic, impactful, and meaningful relationships with community leaders, influencers, and the minority community, to help you reach your socially responsibility goals.

I bring a combination of DEI expertise, education, and years of experience in community engagement and outreach.

I work to incorporate diversity and inclusion in a significant, strategic, and impactful way.

Community Engagement
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Training Topics Include


As a learning and development specialist, I design, develop, and deploy training & development programs for teams of all sizes. From athletic teams, and educational institutions, to large corporations, or small, early-stage teams.

Because all companies are different and all employees learn differently,  I offer on-site training solutions, virtual training solutions, and online on-demand solutions.

Hire me the expert to help cultivate or enhance change!

Whether you’re looking for a one-time custom workshop to address a specific growth area or a fully managed training program for the entire team, I have the solution for you.

Click here to request a consultation to discover my customized training & development approach that achieves the best results through functional, interactive, & collaborative coaching.

Leading organizations compute a continuous unified professional development plan for their company. I implement an individualized unique approach to training and development for companies and athletic teams no matter the size.

Discover How I Can Transform Your Team

Request a consultation and learn about my training & development solutions.

Need multiple solutions & not sure where to start? Contact me today and we can develop a plan of action for your needs!

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If so, then get my expert help!

Rather you need a workshop facilitator or a lunch & learn keynote speaker?

Speaking engagements can be done live or virtually

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