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The best mentorship helping teens, young adults, & student-athletes transition into adulthood

Do You Know A Student-Athlete?

If so what do you think their chances of going pro are?

Do you know a teen or young adult who is ambitious but need next step guidance to secure a high-paying career or start a business?

Well, I am here to tell you that only 1% of athletes go pro

Next, a  high percentage of student-athletes are unsure of their next steps after college and enter adulthood broke after 4 long years of hard work

Lastly, there are very lucrative and high-paying careers for ambitious young people and resources to help them start a business!

DON’T FEAR Champs and Success is here to help both student-athletes and young adults with their next steps! Overall Champs and success is the best mentorship for helping teens, young adults, & student-athletes transition into adulthood. I aim to provide accessible and attainable resources to them!


My mission for Champs & Success is to help teens, young adults, and student-athletes transition into adulthood and become successful champions, through mentorship, sports and influence.


My vision is to help young adults and student-athletes generate wealth through six-figure corporate positions, credit & entrepreneurship. 

Champs and Success Team
What transformations do I create as your mentor?
Who Is This For?
  • Those with no support & inconsistent motivation
  • Those who are not sure if they want to attend college or want to drop out but want to be successful or decided not to attend and want to start a business 
  • Those who want to attend college or are in college but want to own a successful business also
  • Those who do not understand credit or have no credit, but desire to drive their dream car
  • Those who are ready to discover themselves, their purpose, and identity 
  • Those who want to increase their personal development skills
  • Those who want to learn, get better and meet others like them
  • Those who need a positive support system, need a mentor, and need help from someone who is relatable and understand them 
  • Those who want to be coached to success

Helping teens, young adults, and student-athletes transition into adulthood and become successful champions, through mentorship, sports and influence.

Aside from my background, experience, and credentials, the Champs and success is unique because as a coach I think about the young adults’ and student-athletes’ all-around success! 

I know you wondering “Well Keonna the 5 pillars focus on the keys to success so, what exactly does this mean?” put a picture wondering like hmmm or my # 5 logo for when it says the 5 core pillars 

I know that most of my mentees and students will have a well-trusted adult around them that will be a part of big decisions for them, so I strive to make sure everyone is knowledgeable to increase the teen, young adult & student-athlete success rates. 

I assist the well-trusted adult, by providing athletic consulting & parental consulting via 1 on 1 service and workshops to help parents make quality decisions regarding their kid’s futures rather it’s for athletics or non-athletic needs.

This is crucial, considering athletes now have the new rules such as the NIL and the new transfer rule, along with the shift in society for those who do not play sports. 

Parents are battling against rap music, the media, social media, & TV for their child attention while raising them to be successful adults. 

Some of the biggest challenges teens, young adults, and student-athletes have is 

  • Not having at least $5k saved up to help with moving early in adulthood, or after college, can put a burden on them and their family
  • Not having good credit which burdens everyone for car buying, apartment shopping, or attempting to move or get a credit card. 
  • Not having a job secured early in adulthood or post-college graduation, nor having a good quality network of people on their phones. No, I’m not talking friends, but an actual network of quality professionals. 
  • Not having a clear plan for adulthood or a job secured after college, leads to depression & makes them feel like college is a waste or that they chose the wrong degree. 

I have an innovative intake process to assess your specific needs to be sure I serve and address your specific needs. 

I don’t teach traditional methods and give traditional knowledge…BORINGGGG… Instead, I teach through creative methods and give you the REAL that will help you immediately start succeeding. What I teach isn’t google based.

My programs are research, evidence, and experience-based, and are accessible to those that require accommodations. 

My program was created by me, an educator, and not just put together, so, therefore, this program was created based on top tier standards and created with different learning styles in mind for educational diversity and inclusion to best serve all mentees. 

I use a reflective, collaborative, integrative, and inquiry-based approach to best serve and teach everyone involved…in shorter terms, I use various methods to help you retain and apply the information I give you!

Plus you have a mentor who is experienced, successful, and relatable to you and can understand you!-Which is me! How cool?

Your Mentor
Keonna Farmer`s Journey
What Does Quality Mentorship Do?

When we support the growth and empowerment of younger people we raise the quality of life for everyone. This is because when they are well-rounded they not only run a successful business or become key decision-makers for major corporations but they become a force in their community, they improve the quality of life for their children, and they give voice to the crucial world and community issues.

Truth is that a degree doesn’t equate to an automatic job, and yes sometimes you might get a job in one field that your degree isn’t in. Life is a journey, & it’s all about how to navigate and pivot to make yourself happy while making good sound decisions. 

If your child isn’t attending college no worries, I still know firsthand what is needed for them to be successful and strategies for you to best support them! 

If you are a parent or guardian who needs some guidance or advice from an experienced person for your young adult now and future, college choice, or the possibility of transferring then you are in the right place. 

If you are a parent, coach, or guardian who needs advice for your student-athlete regarding, there now, future, college choice, the possibility of transferring, or you need help navigating the new NIL rule then you have come to the right place. 

If your child isn’t pursuing college, no worries, I will still be able to assist you. 

The great news is that if you are reading this and you are a young adult or student-athlete you can book fro 


As a mentor, I think about the young adults’ and student-athletes’ all-around success! 


How Can I Serve You?


2-month Entrepreneurship Mentorship

Enjoy quick wins and transformations that lead to long term wins
  • Identify your target audience
  • Define and strengthen your brand, including your visuals, messaging, and alignment
  • Develop an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Understand business etiquette and business ethics
  • Create your go-to-market strategy for online, offline, and social media
  • Create your sales strategy
  • Learn how to properly network to build success and make money
  • Learn how to build your business credit and fund your business
  • Learn how to build your credit, fix your credit, and increase and manage your finances

Roadmap to a Six-Figure Corporate Career

No College or Trade School Required
  • Discovery of career paths and high paying skillsets
  • Interview skills and techniques plus resume development
  • How to be successful in the virtual workplace (working from home)
  • How to utilize LinkedIn and social media to land a new career
  • Understanding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the workplace
  • Understanding unique workplace benefits such as unlimited paid time off
  • Goal Setting for career advancement
  • Effective networking and communication
  • How to find a corporate mentor

2-month Personal Growth and Mindset Empowerment

Create quick transformations that lead to long term growth
  • Learn how to build a positive mindset and attract success through mindset empowerment
  • Learn how to properly and strategic set short term and long-term goals and reach them
  • Learn how to become accountable and responsible
  • Improve your decision-making skills
  • Improve your soft skills (communication skills, public speaking, time management)
  • Learn how to discover and develop your talents and purpose
  • Build and discover your identity and increase your confidence
  • Become educated on sexual awareness and positive dating habits

When we support the growth and empowerment of younger people we raise the quality of life for everyone.

Keonna Farmer

6 Week Group Mentoring

This is perfect for parents on a budget who want their child to receive mentoring from positive influences
  • This group coaching group meets every other week. During this time, we will discuss various topics regarding life and personal growth.
  • Mentee will receive personal guidance and mentoring to help them make good decisions and choices
  • Mentee will learn how to become accountable and responsible
  • Mentee will improve their decision-making skills
Young woman smiling

1 on 1 Personalized Growth Program

Custom Individualized Growth Plan is a 1-year plan designed to help my mentees with their unique & custom needs. The process begins with an evaluation that shows the mentee's strengths, challenges, parent concerns, and mentee concerns.
  • Discuss parental and young adult concerns & co-work with parents for feedback (if needed) I will help improve the mentee self-awareness and confidence
  • I will help the mentee develop and set your short-term, long-term goals, & annual focus points
  • I will help the mentee develop a strategic plan to reach these goals and teach you how to track progress
  • I will teach the mentee how to use their strengths to the best of their ability
  • The process begins with an evaluation that shows the mentee's strengths, challenges, parent concerns, and mentee concerns.
  • The mentee will receive an in-depth personalized 1-year growth plan with special instructions, support needed, and services needed to thrive and reach their goals and success.
Monthly Strategic Life Coaching
Maybe you don’t need these services but need general life coaching and guidance.
You need an outlet, with positive influences, and someone to speak to monthly that understands you. Maybe you need to overcome something that happened, or you have a big transition right now, that you need help with. 


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Partnerships & Bookings

Partnerships & Bookings

As a major step toward supporting young adults and student-athletes of the future, Champs & Success wants to partner with schools and colleges to provide student-athletes and young adults with training programs that will help them develop a strategic career path, soft skills, their mindset, leadership skills, networking skills, financial literacy, and business expertise. 

It is imperative that we institute a partnership to develop programming that supports student-athletes and young adults during the major transition from high school to adulthood, and college to adulthood to increase their ability to make good choices in everyday life and provide them with a visible path toward success while using sports other resources as a vehicle. 

Problems Young Adults and Student-Athletes Face Are:

Young people learning
Let`s Partner To Create Change

If you want your student-athletes and young adults to strategically be prepared for their next steps to win at adulthood, and reach success then you must invest early in their future, or you risk them failing at adulthood early on.

Many live in a system and a circumstance where people are constantly making decisions for them, and they need people to champion programming that will help them understand the importance of the responsible use of their self-sufficiency to make decisions that will change their long-term circumstances. 

As a previous stand-out national student-athlete who has accomplished a lot by using sports as a vehicle, I designed my services specifically with the student-athlete and young adult in mind. My services are experience-based, and research-based with some parts developed around top-tier standards, with a pedagogy focus on reflective, collaborative, and inquiry-based approaches. I provide educational resources that provide high-quality control and practical lessons. Champs and Success is grounded in research-based educational methodology & real-world applications. 

Book CHAMPS AND SUCCESS for workshops, partnerships, and speaking engagements 

My solutions also include EXCLUSIVE TRANSFORMING add-on offers, that are exclusively for our partners!

Because all student-athletes and young adults are different & learn differently, I offer on-site training solutions, virtual training solutions, and online self-paced solutions. 

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