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Helping you create strategic, impactful, and innovative transformations through mentorship, business, community outreach, sports, and influence.

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Hi, I`m Keonna

I’m the A-Sun conference newcomer of the year, a Nike & athletic award-winning all-star champion, BRAINZ magazine-executive contributor, & I’ve taken my expertise to the TEDx stage as a presenter. I’ve made appearances on Netflix & have been featured in many business and media outlets. Due to my endeavors, success, and community involvement, I have gained public and professional respect. 


As a forward thinking, thought-provoking, multi-dimensional visionary woman, I have worked a great deal in many fields that have contributed to my foundation.


Over the last 9 years I’ve worked as a consultant, teacher, mentor, athletic coach, model, and in non-profit & finances. Along with this, I have worked with exclusive people, companies, and celebrities.

I have a Master’s in Adult & Continuing Education, a Bachelor’s in Communication Management, countless Continuing Education Certifications, and I’m a part of the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education.

This vision of connecting business mentorship, sports, & influence, was birthed from me seeing a problem and wanting to be a solution by using my gifts. 

I help teens, athletes, and young adults better their future through mentorship, sports, and influence. 

In addition to the impactful results I obtain working with my mentees, I am passionate about creating effective business solutions, community outreach initiatives and business strategy planning.  

Because of this, I help corporations and business owners solve their most critical problems, by utilizing my diverse talents and visionary ideas resulting in strategic, impactful, and innovative solutions. 

Now you know enough about me, let’s talk about what I do and how I can help you.

Let’s work! 

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  • Community Engagement – Are you ready to build a community engagement program in the minority community in a way that supports and amplifies your brand? If so, I will develop community engagement programs that will build strategic, impactful, and meaningful relationships with community leaders, influencers, and the minority community to help you reach your socially responsible goals. We bring a combination of DEI expertise, education, and years of experience in community engagement and outreach. Let me help you reach your socially responsible goals! 


  • Business Consulting – also known as business development meetings involves high-level decision-making based on a realistic assessment of all potential changes and their impact. Through new ideas and initiatives, it aims to improve the overall business prospects.  


  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Consulting – A company committed to elevating DEI initiatives reflect that commitment in its mission, strategies, and business practices. These companies not only protect diversity, equity, and inclusion but move DEI forward in the name of competitive business advantage. 

Training & Speaking


Champs And Success

Mentorship for teens, young adults and student-athletes

Champs and Success is a mentorship service I offer for young adults, teens, and student-athletes. Champs & Success mission is to help young adults, teens, and student-athletes transition into adulthood & become successful champions, through mentorship, sports and influence.

Through Champs and Success my vision is to help young adults, teens, and student-athletes secure high-paying careers, build their brand, and business, improve their personal growth & mindset, and educate them on credit and finances. 


Social Impact


As someone who values making a social impact, I strive to uphold this value through social giving,
by supporting causes that I value, that changes the world & uplift the next generation. 
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