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Click the video to see my TEDxYouth@LenoxVillage presentation as I talk about the importance of equity for high school females.

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In the latest episode of Talon Talk, former UNF women’s basketball student-athlete, Keonna Farmer, discusses the honorary doctorate that she recently received. At just the age of 27, Farmer became the youngest such recipient in the history of the Trinity International University of Ambassadors School of Business to earn the honorary doctorate.  Farmer also discusses her current career goals, life after college, and advice for soon-to-be graduates. The Birmingham, Ala., native was named ASUN Newcomer of the Year and was a six-time recipient of the ASUN Newcomer of the Week honor in her lone year in the Navy and Gray.

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Step into the world of inspiration and motivation as you delve into my exclusive interview with Nayshae Jackson. Discover the essence of who I am, what I do, and the profound reasons that drive my passion. Join me on a captivating journey as I share my personal story of triumph and resilience. 

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Message from Center Point, AL Mayor about our founder Ms. Keonna Farmer and her work with young girls and teens in the city of Center Point:

“For the short time I’ve been Mayor of the city of Center Point, AL Ms. Farmer has been instrumental in her work with the city’s youth. I’ve been to multiple events that she’s hosted that showcases her desire and motivation to create change in a positive manner when it comes to young women. This is exactly what is needed in a number of cities around the country, and I am very fortunate to have her skills and knowledge available to me and my residents. I look forward to continuing a fruitful relationship with Ms. Farmer for the betterment of our community. Thank you!”

Mayor Bobby Scott

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